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Vivaldi's Four Seasons - The Crossover Concert | 18.08.2023. Ehrbar Saal | First time in Vienna

We invite you to an extraordinary musical experience that merges the timeless beauty of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" with the vibrant energy of Swing à la Django. In this unique crossover concert, the boundaries between classical and jazz are blurred, creating a mesmerizing fusion of genres that captivates audiences worldwide.

Join us as we delve into the harmonious marriage of Baroque elegance and infectious swing rhythms, where the past meets the present, and tradition meets innovation.

Now for the first time in Vienna, after a sold-out show in Klagenfurt and a double sold-out premier in Sissy's Castle in Hungary!


The Unforgettable "Four Seasons":

Antonio Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" stands as one of the most renowned and beloved compositions in classical music. Composed in the early 18th century, it depicts the changing seasons through four violin concertos, each representing a different time of the year. With its evocative melodies and vivid musical imagery, the "Four Seasons" has become an emblem of the Baroque era, enchanting listeners for centuries.

Tha Band
Swing à la Django - the band

A Harmonious Blend:

The idea of merging Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" with the Swing à la Django style may initially seem unlikely, but it is precisely this unexpected combination that gives birth to something truly special. By bringing together the elegance of classical music, the vivacity of jazz, the lively sounds of latin & hungarian gipsy music and many more well-known melodies, the C R O S S O V E R C O N C E R T creates an intriguing dialogue between several distinct musical worlds. The timeless melodies of Vivaldi are revitalized with swinging rhythms, improvisational solos, and playful variations, resulting in a dynamic and captivating performance with with numerous surprises.

Baranyi Zoltan plays violin
Zoltan Baranyi - violin solo

Transforming Classical into Jazz

The guys have taken up the challenge of reimagining Vivaldi's masterpiece in the Swing à la Django style. Through careful reinterpretation, they infuse the original compositions with jazz harmonies, syncopated rhythms, and the distinct sound of acoustic guitars, paying homage to Django Reinhardt's influence. The result is an exciting blend of classical motifs and jazz idioms that brings new life to the "Four Seasons" that are worth listening to.

This time Zoltán Baranyi joins the six-membered band as a soloist on violin to show all the layers of virtuosity of baroque music.

A Delight for All Senses:

Attending a crossover concert featuring Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" and Swing à la Django is a multisensory delight. The audience is treated to the virtuosity of the musicians as they skillfully navigate the intricate melodies and improvisational sections. The rich orchestration, featuring violins, guitars, bass, and accompanying instruments, creates a vibrant tapestry of sound. The combination of the lively swing rhythm and the dramatic flair of Vivaldi's compositions elicits a range of emotions, from toe-tapping delight to introspective contemplation.

The crossover concert of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" and Swing à la Django is an extraordinary musical experience that transcends genres and captivates audiences of all backgrounds. It celebrates the enduring power of classical music while embracing the spirit of innovation and improvisation that jazz represents.

By blending these several worlds, the concert offers a fresh perspective on familiar compositions and invites listeners to embark on a musical journey that is both nostalgic and exhilarating. Immerse yourself in this unique fusion of Vivaldi and Swing, and let the harmonies transport you to a realm where the old and the new, the classical and the jazz, intertwine in perfect harmony.

Meet you there!
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